The traditional Ayurvedic preparations are produced in special Ayurvedic factories in India, especially by Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala and Vaidyarathnam Oushdhasala Thrissur Kerala. For the whole range of ayurvedic products only organically grown plants are used.

Ayurveda differsfrom the western medical system,  not only in that the plant and its chemical ingredients but the main focus here is the phytotherapy. Both the properties of the plant, as well as the form of preparation and route of administration are of great importance in Ayurveda . Plants may for example heavy, light , have a cooling, warming , drying or oil properties. Each herb , in accordance with their characteristics with which it acts on the body, is classified .

A heated plant for example is not suitable when the fire element or a pitta problem is in picture . However, for people with Vata or Kapha disorders , it is well suited. Preparation methods for medicinal plants include Decoctions , medicated oil , ghee , honey , dry powder, fine powder and fermented products. An example : a heated plant in powder form helps Kapha disorders and the same plant in an oil formulation helps in vata disorders. Kapha , which is composed of the elements of earth and water, has oily and cold properties , so it is better to administer at a Kapha disorders heated plants in powder form. Vata , however, is cool and dry, and the treatment is carried out by the administration of the same plant in an oily medium. Using the concept of properties , of which there are twenty , can be both the interference and suitable medicinal plant (s ) and the type in which these are supplied to the body , determine . The variations and possibilities of compilation of properties are almost infinite. Thus there are an infinite number of combinations of diseases and medicinal plants in different preparation method . The beauty of Ayurvedic medicine , and the difference to Western herbal medicine are thus in finding the correct and the opposite properties of medicinal plants and the selection of the medium in which the properties are to be administered.

The ayurvedic herbal preparations should be taken only under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician. There is not a single herb but a composition of different preparations.

The exact combination of medicinal plants and the preparation method (eg Arishtam , Thailam etc. ) are crucial for the equilibration of Tridosha .

Therefore, the individual selection of medicinal plants and the combination of preparation should be discussed with an Ayurveda physician.






















































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Yogaraja Guggulu